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Lawyers and Judge Connection

One of the main reasons that people like to have lawyers by their sides in a case (aside from the fact that they are knowledgeable of the situation), is the fact that the judge and the lawyer almost assuredly have some kind of connection already from past cases. Now, this can work both ways; either for you or against you for a number of reasons. However, you can make sure that you find the right lawyer with the right connection that could help you in your legal proceedings. This isn’t to say that just because a judge likes a lawyer that you are going to get off the case with no punishment; if you did the crime, you’re obviously going to get some kind of punishment. What this means, though, is that the judge and the lawyer have a mutual respect for one another that goes deep enough for them so that the lawyer will get a better chance to plea your case. This isn’t something that you can ‘plan’ so to speak, but if you are meeting with your lawyer and you see that he’s worked with the judge many times before and they like each other, it could help your chances. In the case of you being guilty in a case, your lawyer could possibly earn you a bit more leverage on your sentencing so it won’t be as damaging as it could be. Or the lawyer could work out a plea bargain (or a deal) that will get you a less severe punishment in exchange for a guilty plea or something else. This is just a possible advantage that you could have when the lawyer and judge have a connection. On the flip side of the situation, if a judge dislikes the lawyer of your choice, they could be a bit more harsh in the courtroom. Again, this isn’t to say that you would be getting an unfair trial because of the lawyer you picked, but a lack of trust and respect could lead to more tension than a normal trial would. So, pick wisely. Be sure to do research on your lawyer to see if there’s any chance that he’s received bad reviews, if his cases have been successful and many other factors before you put the money on the table.

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