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The Type of Lawyer You Need

Much like any vocation, there is plethora of different fields that one can focus on as a career. Much is the same with lawyers. So the question to ask yourself when finding someone to represent you is: What kind of lawyer do I need? More specifically, what field is my lawyer specializing in. As there are plenty of issues in dispute or that need legal counsel, we will break down the most prominent categories you need to review in finding the right attorney.


Some are very self-explanatory but some need a little explanation.


Family Law - Dealing with adoptions, child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence, paternity, premarital agreements, spousal support and visitation rights.


Immigration - Dealing with citizenship, receiving green cards.


Insurance - Dealing with coverage automobile, life and home insurance among others.


Intellectual Property - Dealing with copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights.


Criminal Law - Dealing with DUI/DWI, misdemeanors, felonies, homicides, juvenile law, parole/probation, sex crimes, theft, etc.


Business Law - Dealing with business practices, franchising, business planning/formation, business selling, limited liability laws, small business law, etc.


Labor - Dealing with occupational safety, discrimination, sexual harassment, employee contracts, wrongful termination, etc.


All of these separate fields have their own sets of laws and code. The California state tax code is exponentially bigger than the state Constitution. Same with these separate fields of laws. One can master all these fields, but there is too much code and laws to keep up with. So most firms specialize in a certain field. So in finding an attorney for your special case, look, read and listen to what field they attach their name with. It will make the process much better. In reference guides to finding lawyers like the American Bar Association and Martindale, you can make comparisons between lawyers and firms.


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