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Lawyer Referrals: Where to Start Online?

There are plenty of websites out there providing lawyer referrals and references. You can even visit Yelp take a look at first hand reviews of lawyers. But if you are looking for more complete reviews involving education, accreditation and certification, here are a couple of sites that will help.


American Bar Association -

A lawyer cannot practice their trade until they pass the bar exam. The American Bar Association is one of the largest voluntary professional organizations with over 400,000 members and entities. It is the national site for lawyers and firms to connect with one another. Now as for the client, they do have a referring site the ABA endorses. is a lawyer referral site that goes state by state to find certified lawyers by state. Of course, this is important due to each state having their own set of laws in criminal and in civil courts.


Martindale -

The Martindale law directory dates years before the Internet age. How far back? Try the post Civil War antebellum-era. In 1868, lawyer James Martindale wanted to create a resource for the public that provided a reference to one good lawyer, one good bank and one good real estate office. He did just that and more by creating the Martindale Directory. Adding the Hubbell Legal Directory in 1930, the Martindale-Hubbell Directory became the national resource for lawyers. To this day, Martindale-Hubbell, now, extends its services online to the U.S., Canada and over 100 nations on the globe.


Always visit here at for the directory lisings. But if you are going to hire someone as important as a lawyer, it is best to have several reference sources. The two mentioned here are the two most trusted and widely used site when researching legal help.

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